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Chelsea Robb

My mission is for you to embrace the natural flow and rhythm of your labouring body and be trusting in yourself that your body will function as nature intended. I provide the Hypnobirthing Australia™ program that incorporate proven hypnosis techniques to help your mind work with your body during your delivery. You will be taught how to break the fear-tension-pain response through these techniques enabling you to calmly accept the sensations during labour and be trusting wherever your birthing journey takes you.


Sometimes we learn better by experiencing classes in person. We offer 2x 6 hour sessions at Womens Well Co. on Saturdays in Proserpine, QLD. Contact for more information before booking


Sometimes we need flexibility to learn on our own terms in our busy lives. Contact for more information before booking


Sometimes we need advice for our different stages in life. Talk to a midwife today about pregnancy, birth and postnatal advice

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