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Which hypnobirthing course is right for you?

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

How confusing is pregnancy?! You start with craving broccoli then end up watching videos of people expelling children from their vaginas. There's no in between...

What to consider when choosing a hypnobirthing course

  • Think about whether you want to be with other couples, or on your own. With other couples, you can form your own little support network; on your own, you may find it easier to go into hypnosis during the sessions, which could be more beneficial. The choice is yours.

  • When choosing between a multi-session course and a one-day workshop format, give some thought to how effectively you take in information in different situations.

  • Understand how important it is for your partner or support person to be present! They too will learn how to support you during your journey and how they can positively impact the experience. At the end of the day you may want to bite their heads off because they don't know what you want. This is a chance to get on the same page and learn how to support you best.

What to expect at our classes

You’ll be receiving loads of engaging content, this is a fun class that includes practical exercises using hypnosis techniques as well as learning what to expect during labour & childbirth. There will be loads of birth partner envolvement so we encourage you to bring along your support person for labour. I am not only a hypnobirthing practitioner but also a midwife and can answer a lot of burning questions you may have missed in other antenatal classes.

Course Content

Throughout the two 6 hour sessions we will go through some of the following and more;

  • Self hypnosis

  • Hormones

  • Fear release

  • Acupressure

  • Body relaxation

  • Breathing techniques

  • Birth preferences

  • Available services in our area

  • Nutrition

  • Exercises for pregnancy

  • Birth partners support

  • Positions to support labour progression

  • Breech or posterior babies

  • Breastfeeding

  • Routines for practice

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