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Our classes are taught by an experienced midwife who brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and a deep trust in birth

 – Join the Positive Birth Program™ Now!

Positive Birth Program™

Join our group Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes, presented either face-to-face across central queensland or online. This course includes 12 hours of tuition & online resources. It is strongly recommended that the mother and birth partner attend the full 12 hour 'Positive Birth Program™' whenever possible. Please enquire now for available dates and times. 

  • 12-hours of tuition for the birthing mother and birth partner

  • ‘Positive Birth Program’ Folio of resources for class & to use on your birthing day

  • 5 x long play hypnobirthing MP3 tracks (downloadable) 

  • eBook – the little book of hypnobirthing (downloadable)

  • Downloadable resources & worksheets

  • Hypnobirthing videos, relaxation scripts & practice MP3s  

  • Optimal maternal positioning with spinning babies techniques

  • Early life care with your little bundle of joy

  • Goodie bag

  • Ongoing support from your Practitioner, Chelsea

$558 per couple
x 6 hour sessions
4 x 3 hour sessions
Whitsundays hypnobirthing
Hypnobirthing Australia Certified Practitioner

When Do I Start?

the ideal time to start is between 20 and 30 weeks of pregnancy. This gives you ample time to practice the techniques leading up to birth. If you are further along than this though, please don’t worry. Determination is the deciding factor when it comes to hypnobirthing success. Please feel free to contact to discuss more intensive training options if needed.

What to expect on day 1

You will receive your folio of resources on the day of the class. Each class is made up of theory (audio-visual, spoken explanations and interactive discussions) and practical (active relaxation and breathing exercises, hands-on massage techniques and hypnosis practice) components. Dates vary, please contact for available sessions

What topics are covered in Unit 1- Creating & maintaining a positive mindset?

 Introduction to the positive mindset of hypnobirthing, How our brain is wired to birth, The role of our caregivers, Mind/body connection, What is self-hypnosis and how will we use it for birthing? Our hormones are our friends, My amazing uterus – understanding the physiology behind birthing, Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome, Causes of Fear (including history) and how it affects our labour, Re-programming the Subconscious, The language for empowered birthing, The power of affirmations, Birthing environment

What topics are covered in Unit 2- Our Toolkit for birth?

Self-hypnosis tracks, Birth music, Conditioning with scent, Hypnotic anchors and triggers, Releasing endorphins through massage and touch, Acupressure techniques for pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding, Visualisations for pregnancy, labour & birthing, The importance of facial relaxation, Relaxation Breathing – a skill for life, Surge Breathing – the best tool ever! Techniques to help make your surges more comfortable, The ‘urge’ to push/bear down – Breathing/Bearing down

What to expect Day 2?

There will be some discussions or "homework" between you & your birth partner before attending Day 1. It wont be hard but it will just help prepare you for what's to come on Day 2.  Day 2 is all out Unit 3: Preparation & choices for empowered birthing and Unit 4: Birth- bringing it all together! Please remember to bring along your folio of resources.

What topics are covered in Unit 3- Preparation & choices for empowered birthing?

Bonding with baby, Choices in maternity care Birth Preferences – having open communication with your caregivers, Knowledge is power – researching common interventions and procedures, Questions to ask, to assist in making informed decisions, Birth partner as advocate, ‘Guess date’ – a normal range of pregnancy, Inductions – things you’re not always told, Achieving a natural start to labour, Maintaining a healthy diet, Preparing the body – staying active, Optimising baby’s position Breech or Posterior – options & positions, Instant relaxation techniques, Self-hypnosis, meditation and deep relaxation techniques & scripts

What topics are covered in Unit 4: Birth – bringing it all together

What to expect in the weeks and days leading up to birth, Signs that labour is starting, What to expect through labour (membranes releasing etc), When to call the midwife/go to the hospital, Accidental home/car birth – what to do! Birth partner’s role Common procedures, Using water during labour and birth, Upright positioning, movement and birth positions, Special circumstances (including caesarean birth), Fear release hypnosis, Vocalisation Cord clamping & placenta delivery, Undisturbed bonding & breastfeeding time – skin to skin, What to expect afterwards, Self-hypnosis – Rehearsal for Birth, A practice routine – preparation for birth!

What resources are included in the Program?

Comprehensive and easy-to-follow, hypnobirthing tuition and practical exercises (for you and your birth partner) as well as ongoing support from experienced midwife & hypnobirthing educator, Chelsea Robb. You receive several professionally recorded and world-famous, Australian accent hypnobirthing mp3 practice tracks – renowned for their effectiveness. These tracks are downloadable (and accessible via the app) and are a combination of music and guided hypnosis (hypnosis for childbirth and positive affirmations – to help build, support, and maintain your positive mindset (and these can be used during your birth as well). You’ll receive an array of downloadable PDF Resources & Worksheets – including an eBook, guided hypnosis scripts, practical exercises, door sign, a birth partner’s cheat sheet, resource lists, birth positions, breathing exercises, sample birth preferences, a routine for practice, and much, much more. We go above and beyond to ensure that you have access to all the very best tools you need for a very calm and positive birth! You’ll receive access to a wide selection of hypnobirthing instructional videos, self-hypnosis, breathing, and visualisation practice sessions PLUS a ‘Birth Rehearsal’ for yourself and your birth partner – so that you can practice your techniques together, or individually if you like. We’ve also included a range of modern and inspiring hypnobirthing birth videos. The videos have been especially annotated so that you can see how the self-hypnosis techniques are used throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth (and beyond!)

What should I bring with me to classes?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in. Bring morning tea, lunch & water for the day. For face-to-face classes there is a fridge available to use as well as a microwave & bubbler. Tea, coffee and snacks will be provided for the class by Chelsea. Be sure to bring back your folio of resources to day 2.

What facilities are available at Face-to-face classes

There are bubblers, toilets, tea & coffee, fridge, microwave. available at face to face locations.

What happens if I'm needing to cancel?

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to cancel or make changes to your booking, please contact Chelsea at Art of Hypnobirthing . We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we're here to assist you. Please note that a non-refundable $150 deposit is required for our classes. However, we also offer flexibility. In the event that you need to cancel, you may have the option to transfer your deposit to another service or reschedule your class, depending on availability. Chelsea will work with you to find the best solution that suits your needs.

Nurture every moment of your pregnancy

Hours vary

This experience is the best thing anyone could do to fully understand your body, understand your baby, understand what you want for your positive birthing experience, prepare your body and partner to enjoy the journey, clearly identify what works well for you but most of all what is a straight out ‘hell no’ or no thanks. This positive experience is for you, your partner and your baby allowing yourselves to be prepared, focused, feel safe and EMPOWERED! Thank you Chelsea - you made this experience calming, relaxing, knowledgeable and one to remember. Bring on the poo breathing - we are excited not scared, and we have you to thank for that. Xo
Evie L

Alexa Young, CA

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