My Online Services


Private classes are presented in your own home within the whitsundays catchment area. This course is run over 2x 6 hour sessions, preferably with a week in between sessions and breaks provided throughtout the day​. It is strongly recommended that the mother and birth partner attend the full 12 hour 'Positive Birth Program' whenever possible. Please enquire now for available dates and times. 


Enquire now to purchase a voucher for our Hypnobirthing Australia Online course with a 90 minute private session with myself. In the private session, I provide antenatal, labour, birthing & postnatal advice for your individual care needs. Including how to prepare for labour, the signs of labour and when to call the hospital, the different stages of labour and how to support the natural progression of these, different birthing positions, relaxation and breathing skills to use during labour.


This is a 3 hour course which is run privately. You will be given updated information and course materials 


If you have already attended a Hypnobirthing class or you are just wishing to discuss a specific  pregnancy, labour/birthing or postnatal issue, I now provide a personal consult to assist you in making informed evience based decisons. Possible areas of discussion include;

  • how to prepare for labour.

  • the signs of labour and when to call the hospital.

  • the different stages of labour.

  • different birthing positions.

  • relaxation and breathing skills to use during labour.

  • Labour & birthing debriefs 

  • early parenting.

  • breastfeeding.

  • newborn baby behaviour.

  • Healthy diet & excerise